Rishop (also spelt as Rishyap and Risop), is a small Lepcha village on the hill top in Dooars, situated on 2,951 m (8,500 ft) above sea level. It is about 32 km from Kalimpong and just 9 Km road distance from Lava, but if you are adventures enthusiastic then you have a 3.5 km pleasure trekking to reach at Rishyap. It is a nice and charming village away from the city crowds, where the sun, clouds, mountains and forests create a magical atmosphere throughout the year. At night, the sky seems to come closer, where twinkling stars on the sky above, kissed the twinkling lights of Gangtok and Pedong bellow in a far distance. Nathu La pass and Jalep La pass are also partially visible in a distance horizon from Rishop. Altogether Rishop gives a magical view to all of its visitors.

Rishop is a newly developed tourist destination within the Neora Valley National Park, which is surrounded by pine or dhupi, birch, fir, colourful rhododendrons and orchid’s forests. Any place from Rishop gives you a magnificent view of the surrounding mountaineer range, but nearby “Tiffin Dara” is famous for its excellent view of Mount Kanchenjunga and other mountains of the Eastern Himalaya. In a clear day, you may get a 300° view of mountaineer peaks in a row, from left to right you can see – Mt. Kharg, Mt. Kokthang, Mt. Rathung, Mt. Kabru, Mt. Talung, Mt. Pandim, Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Simvo, Mt. Narsingh and Mt. Siniolchu. All roads in Rishop / Risop are not accessible with motor vehicles, so it is better to visit with walk.

Rishop is popular for its scenic beauty to the visitors, as well as enjoyable to spend time in walking around the forests along with the village path. Rishop is famous for its 300° snow-capped mountain views, including Mount Kanchenjunga and other nearby peaks. Moonlight Kanchenjunga is just extraordinary to the visitors. In a clear day, you may get a most memorable visual show of the Himalaya in your life! You may also have a trek at Rishyap / Rishop. You can enjoy through trekking route, which is a deep silent forest of Pine, Birch, Fir & Orchids. Rishop is also known as the paradise for birds’ watcher. Tiffin Dara is the second highest point of West Bengal with an altitude around 2,360 meters, a 1.5 km uphill trek from Rishyap. It is a 360-degree viewpoint, where from you can get a view of the mount Kanchenjunga and other mountain peaks of the East-Himalaya. Sometimes Mt. Everest is also viewable from Tiffindara.

Nearby Lava is another beautiful & peaceful tourist spot, situated on the way to Rishyap / Rishop from Siliguri (or New Jalpaiguri). Altitude of Lava is 2,138 meter from sea level. There have some interesting places for visit at Lava likes, Monastery, forest museum, lake, glass house. It is just 9 km road distance and 3.5 kilometre trekking distance from Rishyap / Rishop. Lolegaon, another beautiful tourist spot is located just 34 kilometres away from Rishop. Kalimpong, situated just 35 kilometres away from Rishyap / Rishop.

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